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Scarborough Spa Lift Prices

Adult Single: £1
Adult Return: £1.60

Child Single: 60p
Child Return: £1

Children under 5's travel FREE

Weekly Adult Ticket: £10
Weekly Child Ticket: £5

Season Tickets: £120  (Forms available on request) 

Opening Times 

Day Date Time
Wednesday 18th April 0830-1700
Thursday 19th April 1000-1700
Friday 20th April 1000-1700
Saturday 21st April 0900-1800
Sunday 22nd April 0900-1800
Monday 23rd April 1000-1700
Tuesday 24th April 1000-1700
Wednesday 25th April 1000-1700
Thursday 26th April 1000-1700                          
Friday 27th April 1000-1700
Saturday 28th April 0830-2300
Sunday 29th April 1000-2230
Monday 30th April 1000-1700


Day Date Time
Tuesday 1st May 1000-2230
Wednesday 2nd May 1000-2230
Thursday 3rd May 1000-2230
Friday 4th May 1000-2230
Saturday 5th May 1000-1730
Sunday 6th May 1000-2230
Monday 7th May 1000-1700
Tuesday 8th May 1000-1700
Wednesday 9th May 1000-1700
Thursday 10th May 1000-1700
Friday 11th May 1000-1730
Saturday 12th May 1000-1730
Sunday 13th May 1000-1730
Monday 14th May 1000-1700
Tuesday 15th May 1000-1700
Wednesday 16th May 1000-1700
Thursday 17th May 1000-1700
Friday 18th May 1000-1700
Saturday 19th May 0900-2030
Sunday 20th May 0900-2030
Monday 21st May 1000-1700
Tuesday 22nd May 1000-1700
Wednesday 23rd May 1000-1700
Thursday 24th May 1000-1700
Friday 25th May 1000-1700
Saturday 26th May 1000-1730
Sunday 27th May 1000-1730
Monday 28th May 1000-1700
Tuesday 29th May 1000-1700
Wednesday 30th May 1000-2230
Thrusday 31st May 1000-2230



Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the above information is accurate,
SIV cannot accept responsibility in respect of any error, mis-statement or alteration which may have occurred.

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